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Conquer the Clutter Monster

There’s always a reason that things get out of control. For example, have you always had trouble decluttering and organizing your home? Is it just situational disorganization due to a life transition such as a move, divorce, losing a loved one, or empty nesting?

Conquer the Clutter Monster

Is it physical limitations preventing you from getting rid of clutter? Maybe you just have a hard time letting things go. If you can determine what triggers keep you from your organizational goals, it will be much easier to overcome the problem.

Identifying Your Clutter Triggers

Consider all the things that hold you back when trying to get organized. Just like changing eating habits to lose weight, organization takes time and mental energy. Eating a large bowl of ice cream every night is delicious, but to stay trim, you need to mentally shift and head to the gym instead.

Instead of throwing everything on the floor, take a minute to put it away. You have to address a bad habit head-on to overcome it. After all, organization or disorganization is just a series of good or bad habits.

No Magic Solutions: Embrace the Hard Work

There’s no magic pill to lose weight or conquer the clutter instantly. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It will take good old-fashioned blood, sweat, and tears like losing weight.

Living an organized life requires an intentional shift in thinking and spending time. It takes hard work and dedication. But just like eating right and exercising, once you start to see the results, it’s easier to stick with it.

Taking Responsibility for Decluttering

At this point, I’m sure you’re ready to stop reading. Why am I so blunt about all this? 

I’m a firm believer in tough love. So, I spell out the truth, decluttering is up to you. Whether or not you are ready to embrace, it is also up to you. If you hear what I’m saying, then you’re ready to tackle your organizational needs now!

Uncovering the Reasons Behind Disorganization

Stop and take the time to answer these questions. First, which reason are you disorganized: always have been, situational, physical limitations, or emotional? Is it one or a combination?

Tackling Your Clutter Monster

Taking the time, to be honest with yourself is not easy. Admitting that what you are doing wrong is a hard pill to swallow. Addressing and acknowledging the problem is the first obstacle. Once this has been tackled, you’re ready to work on it. Good for you!

By figuring out what causes you to do things, it’s easier to figure out how to change. Once you see and address the problem, you will be ready to tackle your clutter monster. Good Luck!

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