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“Thank you for yesterday’s session. You helped me to understand the roadblocks in front of me, why I’m afraid to disrupt those mental roadblocks, and what I need to do to get past them. I now know what I need to do to position myself for future success. It’s going to be scary, put me in a weird situation that causes me discomfort, but it’s the best path forward. Thanks, again!”

“Shannon and Courtney work very well together. Shannon pulled things out and put things back. I would go through things – sort, throw away, and Courtney rinsed things off, wiped things down and sorted. It was very helpful and quickly productive. If I had to do it on my own, it would have taken me forever!”

“You dive in deep on the behavioral aspects that cause the organizational issues. You treat the actual underlying behavioral issues of why the system doesn’t work, rather than treating the symptoms of ‘cleaning up’ a disorganized area, and then coming back when it all falls apart again.”

“A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and now I’m inspired to work on other areas of the house.”

“Courtney is top notch and wonderfully self-directed, yet also a great listener/rememberer!”

“Buffy and Angie saved my life! I can breathe again and relax. My house was flooded during hurricane Irma in September 2017. After 1 1/2 years, many boxes were still sitting around, rooms cluttered, finding things was so frustrating! I was completely overwhelmed and crippled by anxiety. Buffy and Angle swooped in, convincing me to let go of things I’ve had for years and no longer love. They found charitable organizations to donate my cherished fabric, crafts, and assorted “treasures.” When we got to the garage, miracles happened. Items were again sorted, organized, and donated. Buffy even advertised and found buyers for various bulky items — and brought me a nice chunk of cash. I am now parking my car in the garage!! Thank you, B Organized Today!”

“I contacted Buffy to see if she could help me – my late husband was a hoarder and I was tired of all the “stuff” in the house. She came over, assessed the situation, and came up with a price. The first day she spent alone with me, going through my walk-in closet, getting to know me and my late husband. Buffy had a couple of assistants part of the time, but she was able to clean out my 2 bedroom/2 bath condo in 4 days. She is very hands-on. I told her what I wanted to keep and she set that aside. If I ever move, I will call Buffy to come back. She is the best!” – D.S.

“Buffy did a fantastic job helping us combine two households (and a lot of years of ‘collecting’) into one home that is now organized, streamlined and even has empty drawers/cabinets (my goal!) She is easy to work with, kept up a fast pace, and had some solid suggestions about how to deal with ‘high disorganization zones.’ I highly recommend Buffy for anyone looking to get rid of stuff or clear the clutter – she makes it less painful with her sunny personality and sense of humor (even when mine was waning). She is also great at calling the shots and making a plan. When we started, my husband and I were overwhelmed by the huge task ahead, and she broke it down into manageable pieces with VISIBLE progress at the end of every session. Getting the before and after pictures at the end of a day really let us see how much we had accomplished. Want to get out from under the clutter, or organize your house? Call her!” – Kathleen K.

“What a GREAT day! Cleaning the garage in July was definitely hot and tiring, but what an accomplishment. Buffy lead the charge as we attacked 9 years of clutter and junk sorting, purging and organizing in one day–what I had been trying to do for 2 years. Her mannerisms were friendly, encouraging and non-judgmental which helped the time and tasks pass quickly. I’ll be moving soon and I plan to have Buffy back to help me organize the new house before the clutter ever starts.”

“Buffy was easy to work with and achieved amazing results easily, as seen in the Before and After pictures. She helped us de-clutter, and took the unwanted items to charity organizations. I would highly recommend her to help you organize and achieve a sense of peace.”

“I’ve been wanting help with decluttering for years! I never really unpacked the last time we moved. Shannon and Hunter were SO wonderful. They listened to me, helped guide me, and masterfully, efficiently sorted through and organized just tons of old stuff. We donated a huge amount – which was important to me. They made the process incredibly easy, which was a worry as I’m recovering from major surgery and can’t even bear weight right now. I highly recommend their services. It will be one of the best decisions you’ve made in a long time. I’ve included some photos of my master. They helped me do way more than that, but I’m sure you can see the huge differences and be excited about what it could mean for you!”

“B Organized Today did an amazing service helping me organize my clothes and shoes in my two walking closets in 2020. So in July 2022, I called them again to pack my household goods and clothes for my move to Baldwin Park. They wrapped each item carefully before packing in boxes. They then unpacked and organized everything perfectly in my new home. And all at a reasonable price. I would recommend Buffy and her professional team at B Organized.”

“Angie and Debbie cleared, sorted and organized the kids play area, their bedrooms, the pantry, broom closet, and a storage closet as well as some of the kitchen cabinets. I am very pleased with the service. It’s hard to believe how much they were able to do. My home feels lighter and less complicated. I no longer feel bogged down by how much I wanted to get done, but couldn’t. I am so thankful there are people that enjoy this kind of work! I would recommend B Organized whole-heartedly!”

“Buffy and her team were AMAZING! We bought the 5 session package because we reorganized out whole house.

This was WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. The 5 sessions worked great for us because it took several days. Slowly we started to understand the systems Buffy and her team put in place. We would have time in between sessions to practice her 5-15 minute clean up miracle and it really made a difference. The house was not a chaotic mess anymore. We knew where things went and putting them in their place was easy because we knew exactly where they went (and because Buffy labels everything ).

Buffy is so knowledgeable about the organization process, she teaches you through each session and it all starts to make sense. You figure out how her organization lessons adapt to your habits and lifestyle, rather than trying to adapt decades of habits and change them to fit a Pinterest mold of how organization “should” look like.

My husband and I both have ADHD and organization is naturally difficult for us. This was an important step forward for our lives. If you’re thinking about getting your house professionally organized: DO IT!”

“They did an excellent job getting everything cleared out and organized for me. It was an amazing transformation that I would never had the time to do on my own. They are well worth the cost. I would highly recommend them and I would definitely hire them again if I need any service they offer.”

“All went excellent! Angie and Hunter work a miracle, they both are so talented and so cheerful. They were patient with me because I had my two young children at home. I really appreciate your company and Wonderful employees. I will for sure keep you in mind when we settle our things at our new home. Thank you all so very much!”