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Client types, which one are you ?


Clients with decision fatigue. You make decisions all day and are exhausted when you get home


Clients which delay decisions because of overwhelm.

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There’s clutter in the closet, there’s clutter on the floor. There’s clutter on the table.

I can’t take no more!
There’s clutter in the hallway, there’s clutter here and there. There’s clutter clutter clutter…
Clutter everywhere!

I pick up the phone and call B Organized Today!
They’ll help me make it go away. They showed me where to start and helped me see the light. They encouraged me to continue until I win the fight.

Together we made a plan to get it all in shape.
By the time it was finished – I thought they’d had a cape –
we organized the closet and rode clutter from the floor.
Now I’m not drowning in a cluttered ocean, I’m standing on the shore.

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