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Got Questions? We Have the Answers!

What is a Professional Home Organizer?

A professional home organizer helps you take the first steps to overcome clutter and disorganization. They work hand in hand with you to discover the personal and external challenges causing the clutter. They then map out a plan of action, define goals, and maintain motivation to make your life less stressful and your time more efficient.

Why should I work with B Organized Today?

Working with our professional organizers makes organizing fun! We offer guidance and new perspectives for your space and possessions. We develop custom organizational systems which cater to you and your needs. We take the time to hunt for family treasures, allowing you to decide to release items. We get you and your loved ones motivated. Plus, we strive to teach, ensuring that once we are gone, you can maintain an organized routine on your own. Contact us today to get started!

Which spaces in my home do you organize?

Almost all areas of your home are covered. We can tackle anything from how to get kids organized in their playroom, to your master bedroom, to the garage. You can see a complete listing of areas and rooms on the Services Page.

Do you clean?

We tidy up and broom clean the area we are working on so you can see and feel your new organized space. However, we are not cleaners, and we do not do any scrubbing or deep cleaning. We can point you in the right direction for those services. We also have an excess rubbish fee for hoarding or infestations. If you have a known infestation, please be advised this situation needs to be dealt with by professionals equipped with the proper safety measures.

My house is the worst you will have seen!

We have seen it all. We are looking to help our clients create functional, comfortable spaces. We are not there to judge them. We will not run away from your project. Most people don’t realize that clutter is a worldwide issue, and you are not alone. We are here to guide you to the home you will love and be proud of. The process of decluttering and getting organized can be overwhelming. We help you break down the process and create a space that makes sense to you. 

What would be your response when/if you start crying?

We understand that emotions are tied up with our belongings. We all have a connection to our stuff! We completely understand that this can be an emotional process. We also know progress is on the other side of those tests. Letting go, moving on, and pushing through is never easy but always worth it.

How are you going to respond when I want to keep something?

What you decide to keep is completely up to you. We are there to guide you and support you through the process. We are not there to judge your decisions. Instead, we are here to help you identify what is important to YOU. We will, however, point out when we believe you’re making a knee-jerk reaction out of habit or fear. Remember making the decision to decide later is a decision to keep It.

Do you offer a consultation?

Yes! Our consultation is an hour long. We walk through the areas you’re concerned about and discuss what’s going on. We talk about what is working as well as what is not working. I throw out any ideas I have right off the bat so you have a DIY plan if you want to move forward on your own. The cost is $125. If you decide to move forward with a session or a package, $50 will be credited toward it..

Why would I want to do a consultation?

Consultations are suggested if you’re on the fence or unsure what you are trying to accomplish. We can discuss what you are trying to do and start an action plan. Organizing is very organic, and we don’t know what we will get into until we’re in it. However, the consultation can give you a good jumping-off point.

I’m calling for my mom/brother/friend/loved one.

Great! We would love to help. Do they know that you are calling on their behalf? If not, we suggest discussing it with them first to see if they are ready to proceed. Otherwise, there’s not much we can do if somebody is unwilling to participate. If you want a good jumping-off point or to give a gift, we suggest our 1-hour consultation. Through the consultation, they will get to know what we do and see if it’s something they are interested in.

How long will my project take?

That depends on several factors. Including how quickly you make decisions, the volume of possessions we are dealing with, and how many organizers you decide to hire at a time.

How many organizers do you suggest?

We can send one, two, three, or four organizers to tackle your project. Our most typical session includes a two-organizer team. However, having four organizers will make the process faster if we tackle larger projects like a pack, unpack, garage, or other large projects. Plus, the more hours you purchase and the more people you have on a project, the less you will spend overall, compared to having one organizer return several times.

What do I need to buy?

We suggest having a few large clear bins and garbage bags on hand. Other than that, it’s easier to suggest what you should buy if you know what items will be living In the space. Typically during the decluttering process, we can repurpose items you already own, thus saving money. Also, once a space has been organized, it’s easier to know what items are needed.

If your goal is to make a space pretty and you’ve already done the decluttering and downsizing, consider an in-home consultation to discuss the look you are going for. From there shopping can be offered.

Where would we start?

We always suggest starting with the area with the biggest thorn on your side. Usually, it is the spaces you are spending the most time in. The most functional and efficient way to start is to work on storage areas like the garage. Often people store things they don’t care about, and those items take the homes of the possessions you would like to have organized.

Can you do the shopping for me?

Yes! For $35 an hour, we can pick up all the items you need for your project. First, we discuss your budget and the look you are going for, and then we take care of the rest. If you’re moving, we can even pick up all of your packing supplies!

Will you teach me how to keep up with the systems we create?

Yes! We will plant seeds along the way to help you understand how you got cluttered so you don’t do it again. Plus, we encourage you to work through the mindsets that have kept you cluttered. It’s easier to maintain a system than it is to create one. Once we’ve helped you figure out what fits and functions in your life, it will help you identify what’s important moving forward.

Do I have to be a part of the process?

That is entirely up to you. We want to create parameters before doing anything so everybody knows the goal. If you want to avoid being a part of the process, we can get everything sorted and organized. We can put aside items we believe are trash for you to decide on, or you can give us permission to say goodbye. For example, all the magazines can go, any clothes smaller than _____ can go, anything that looks old is ripped, has stains or tears, etc..

Rest assured, we would not throw away anything that we see value in. We are good at identifying keepsakes as well as functional and useful items. We are all tree-huggers and do not want to put any more in the landfills than is necessary.

Do you take away donations and trash?

We take away a carload of donations per session. In addition, we put trash on the side of the road for you. We do not haul away the garbage. However, if you have a large project, we can give you ideas on disposing of excess rubbage or donations.

Where do you bring the donations?

We do our best to get them to community-based thrift stores that give back to their immediate community. If items are no longer in use, we suggest recycling. We might go to Goodwill on rare occasions if it’s close and we need to make several trips.

How do I get started?

Simply email us on the contact page or call us at 321-426-8313 for your free 30-minute phone consultation. We will discuss what needs to be addressed, what rooms/areas you’d like organized, your timeline, and any other details you’d like to include.

Will you work with me or just coach me?

Organizing is an interactive process. Working with a homeowner directly is always preferred to ensure the system works for their specific needs and/or limitations. However, it is entirely up to you. If you don’t want to touch a thing, you don’t have to. A team of organizer(s) and Helping Hands can be called upon to make it happen worry-free.

How much should I expect to get done in a session?

Project outcomes depend on your willingness to purge and donate when needed and to organize and maintain items properly. In addition, long-term maintenance of the organization hinges on your commitment to maintaining the order and quantity of items in the space. But, hey, if you want us to come back now and then to whip your home into shape, we can do that too!

Can you help me manage my move?

Why, yes, we’d love to! Are you getting ready to move? Do it the organized way. Instead of relying on friends or services that dump all items from anywhere in the home into a box, work with us. Together we will sort and organize, and color code the entire process. We will help to define and reach goals on a schedule. We will keep like items together, document items of importance, and guide you in setting up for a garage sale or donation pickup – plus a few more tricks to make moving and unpacking a breeze!

Can you help me move?

We can definitely get you organized and set up. As for the move itself, we will happily refer you to one of our affiliates. 

Can you help me settle into my new home?

Yes! We can unpack your items and set them up in an organized and functional manner. We can work one-on-one at your pace or bring in a team to get it done quickly. Moving can be easy-breezy with us!

I don’t live in the area, but my family nearby needs help.

Don’t worry. This is quite common. We suggest setting up an assessment of their home. Then we can share a plan of action for the project. Learn more on the Services page.

I have lost a loved one and don’t know what to do with all their stuff.

First off, our hearts and prayers are with you at this time. It is not easy to go through a loved one’s belongings alone. We can work one-on-one with you or bring in a team to get you through the process.

Do you handle estate clearing?

Yes. We can inventory the items in the home and package family heirlooms, photos, or keepsakes for shipment. We’ll sort the remaining items to be donated, sold, staged, or given away. If needed, we can assist in selecting handymen, junk removal, maids, real estate agents, auction houses, or estate sale companies. 

Will my sessions be confidential?

Yes! All meetings, conversations, and questions are between you, our team, and no one else. To see other guidelines we stand by, please read the bottom section of the privacy policy page.

What are your rates?

Every individual is unique, and so are their organizational needs. Therefore, 4, 5, 6, and 8-hour day sessions are available if you are ready to start immediately. Otherwise, after completing an assessment, we can map out a plan of action and pricing for your project. Learn more on the Services page.

What if I only need you for a few hours?

That’s Ok! It sounds like you are looking to book a 4-hour Prep Day Session. These sessions start at $345. No job is too BIG or too small. Bring us all your organizing challenges for a fresh perspective and an additional set of eyes and hands.

What payments are accepted?

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. Payment is due at the end of each session.

Are there other fees I should know about?

​Rescheduled: A $55 fee will be applied to all missed appointments, cancellations, or rescheduling less than 48 hours prior to our appointment date. We understand life happens. This fee is due to the inability to accommodate other clients waiting for services.

Returned Checks: There is a $45 charge for any check returned for insufficient funds or any bank draft item that is not payable for any reason, as well as additional collection and/or legal fees to compensate for overdraft charges and unpaid account balances.

What is your rescheduling procedure?

Schedule availability times are the earliest available openings. There is a maximum of 3 reschedules per package, and one reschedule for each day session. Days and funds not rescheduled within these guidelines will be forfeited.

How much time do I have to finish a package once we have started?

Unless otherwise stated, all project’s initial timeline of completion MUST be completed within 90 days unless it was prevented due to an act of god. All unused sessions/times will be null and void 90 days from the original start date unless otherwise determined by B Organized Today.